Digital marketing is defined as the set of tactics and advertising strategies executed on the Internet with the use of digital tools, which seek specific objectives related to the needs of brands and their customers.

In digital marketing, the traditional tactics of non-digital advertising are usually reinterpreted, taking advantage of new benefits offered by web platforms, with which online advertising is endowed with remarkable beneficial features, such as immediacy, low costs, ease of use, the possibility of interaction, among others.

Digital marketing is focused on its development through web 2. 0, which has as differentials the opportunities to generate interaction between brands and customers, the use of traditional and innovative multimedia content, such as images and videos, gif’s, images and 360° videos, etc. and the new look of the web not only as a means to search and obtain information but as a virtual place where communities congregate, This opens the possibilities for digital agencies and their clients to know more deeply the target audience and the ways to persuade them to perform the intended actions, whether they are purchases, likes, registrations, comments, views or any other type of conversion.

One of the reigning peculiarities in digital marketing has to do with the extremely high importance of the public, which before was only a passive actor without participation and that becomes the main source of opinion and information for brands, mainly with the constant use of social networks. This quality can become something favorable or unfavorable according to the way in which the brand makes use of the tools that the Internet provides, which is why it is common to turn to a digital agency for professionals to take charge of the management of digital advertising, multiple social networks and the website, to ensure that the communication channels are used properly and to the maximum.

In addition to the above, it is worth mentioning that digital marketing is today one of the most effective ways for small, medium and large companies to achieve their marketing objectives, so its use is increasing, becoming essential in businesses that previously had not dared to dive into the Internet world.

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