Hosting and Domain

Hosting is the space that is purchased on a server to store the information that will be displayed on the web page. The images, videos, files, emails, web pages and others have a certain weight that will occupy a space on the web. It is important to buy an adequate amount of storage to be able to work a web page without problems, since without space it will not be possible to develop it in its totality and the creation of the same one will be affected.

It is also important to have a large storage space if you are looking to upload a lot of content to the website, as in the case of product or service catalogs where they are spread across several categories on the site. It is a necessary investment that is directly linked to the creation and publication of a web page.

A domain on the Internet is used to give a unique name to your website. Each page has an identification known as IP address that is unique and unchangeable, and if it were not for the domains this IP address number would be the one that appears in the URL (

By accessing a domain you are naming your web page in a unique way, something that serves to position it among people and to be directly related to the name of your brand. There is the possibility that the domain you want to use has already been purchased by someone else or is in use at that time, so you have to consider a number of possibilities or variations when naming your page. It is recommended that it be something short, easy to remember and that includes the name of the brand. You can also buy several domains if you consider it necessary, in case you want to redirect several web addresses to your page.

With this tool you will have:

  • Secure hosting for your website.
  • Unique and unchangeable IP address.
  • Multiple housing functions.
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