SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” or search engine optimization. It is a process in which search engine rankings are scaled according to the relevance, popularity and click-through traffic that a web page has. Of course the results we see in the first places are the most likely to receive attention because people trust the effectiveness of the search and the first results.

To achieve this ascent in the search fields, several tricks are used in websites such as the use of keywords in the contents and sections of the page. These keywords are the first resource that the search engines have to provide results in real time. The optimization of the page is also important, this is translated in friendly URLs and that contain the most key words. The comfortable and clean design of the page also helps to provide a good browsing experience and therefore increases the chances of a higher ranking in search engines like Google.

The goal is that as many keywords related to your product or service as possible attract customers after a search. For example, if you are looking for “hairdressers in Bogota” ideally your page should appear in the first places, and likewise if you try with “beauty salons” or “haircuts”.

Another way to achieve this positioning is with clicks coming from social networks, if a web page has more traffic of visits the search engine will analyze this information and will raise the position of your website in the search results since it will perceive your page as relevant and of high interest in the categories in which it performs.

You can say that you have succeeded on the web when your page is one of the first to appear in searches, however, it is a work of perseverance and work, as it always seeks to cover the largest number of search combinations and more importantly, stay in that place and not be replaced. We will take care of maintaining your positioning and increasing the reach of your brand on the web.

With this tool you will be able to:

  • Be in the top 1 of Google.
  • Effective searches for your business.
  • Grow your brand’s reach.
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