At the moment of creating your company it is necessary the advice of an expert, SEPA PUBLICIDAD is one of the advertising agencies in Bogota that offers you the most elaborated and conceptual service of the market.

We simply create the identity of your brand and reinforce its positioning with our products.advertising without marketing does not exist, so we work to make SEO and Social Media Marketing for your company to improve sales and grow every day more.

As an advertising company in Bogota, we work on Corporate Social Responsibility projects with foundations that need to improve their website, we develop strategies for their web portals to be effective.

With this tool you will have:

  • Secure hosting for your website.
  • Unique and unchangeable IP address.
  • Multiple housing functions.

Design and corporate image

The corporate image of your company will be the communication that will form a perception of your brand among the public. As a brand you should have a set of objectives, goals and desires of how you want people to see you, how you want them to perceive your product or service. This can be achieved through the corporate image, a series of linguistic resources that will represent the personality of your brand. In other words, it is to materialize the intangible that represents your brand.

Lithographic Printing

We materialize the printed advertising that your brand needs whether in medium quantities or large volume production. Lithographic printing offers great finishes and color resolution, whether in black and white or color, always ensuring a polished and quality finish.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a fast option when you need to produce low-volume, quick turnaround projects. It also works satisfactorily in color or black and white and is one of the most expanding printing technologies at the moment.

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