The world’s most famous instant messaging application, WhatsApp, has already created a business version. Read how it works and what benefits it can bring to your company.

The digital era in which we live today has greatly benefited companies around the world, regardless of whether they are large, medium or small. The ease of access to a myriad of technological tools allows companies to take full advantage of each of the communication channels that work leveraged on the Internet.

Undoubtedly, one of the most successful applications worldwide is WhatsApp. This app is the queen of chat messaging worldwide. It is used for both personal and business purposes, so in addition to being a tool for communicating with loved ones or close ones, it also works for the creation of business strategies, i.e. to generate economic profitability.

This peculiarity of WhatsApp has led the engineers behind the application to offer a version of the app focused entirely on business, which will be of help to those who are already using the traditional version of WhatsApp.

The name under which the app will be managed will be WhatsApp Business, which is already available for download in the main phone stores. It is worth mentioning that each smartphone will only be able to have one of the WhatsApp applications, either traditional or Business, and it will depend entirely on the company that a business number has a verification seal. Regarding its interface, it must be said that it is highly similar to the current WhatsApp, which makes the app more than familiar to the user.

The first major difference is the “Company settings” section, where you can add all the relevant data for customers, such as the location address (with a map option), the activity of the company, the hours of operation of the company and a short description of its business purposes. A plus is the possibility of linking to social networks, website or email.

The other major differences with the current version have to do with the fact that with WhatsApp Business it will be possible to program welcome messages, absence messages and quick replies. The first is a programmed message for people who write for the first time, the second is a pre-programmed message for times when the user cannot answer (as long as the phone has an internet connection) and the last are broad phrases that are written automatically just by typing a word, which are selected by the user.

Finally, WhatsApp Business provides basic statistics on received, sent and read messages. It is expected that future updates will add data on the number of people who clicked on business links.

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