Nowadays, with the amazing movement that technology has had in this digital era, brand strategies rely on social media influencers, but, does a social media influencer really beat a good story? Check out the full article!

Generally, as we have already mentioned, brand strategies are based on putting a famous face in charge of offering any type of service or product, which has been around for decades under the name of influencer, although it was not as powerful as it is today.

On the other hand, influencers are recognized and trusted people who recommend the consumption of a product or service to their followers, thus generating remembrance and therefore, preference.

Today, famous faces are not as valuable as they were before, experts have conducted different studies that show how a good story and an emotional message can enhance the purchasing decisions of consumers; this with the complement of the management of social networks guarantee the success of the company.

Consumers seek to be increasingly closer to the brand, to achieve this it is essential to interact and build a space in which they feel accepted, valued and unique.

There are different ways to do this, first of all, brands to leave aside the help of celebrities to improve sales, now choose to create a good story with a message based on the experiences of consumers, so the story touches their heart and thus generates remembrance and at the same time, preference, which leads to loyalty.

On the other hand, digital media are essential, because in this technological era is the best option to get closer to consumers, to know them, create an attitudinal profile and meet their needs with my product or service.

Brands are becoming more and more human, which is why day by day they stop seeing consumers as customers and start seeing them as people, sentient beings who are carried away by their different emotions when making decisions, and this is where advertising plays an important role, because it must be based on an experience, both emotional and sensory to get into homes. It is time to leave aside the unattainable people and bring as protagonists common people, so my consumers will feel identified and the purchase decision will be potentiated.

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