It’s time to evolve and grow with the change, concepts that coworking offers you, but don’t worry, today we will tell you what this new trend is about and the advantages it offers to great entrepreneurs.

To begin with it is worth mentioning that coworking spaces are shared offices where freelancers, entrepreneurs and even teleworkers meet to work, it is important to know that the creators of these spaces seek to connect and create personal, work and professional opportunities among several members.

They are ideal spaces for those who need only a computer, telephone line and an excellent internet connection to carry out each of their work, a coworking is the ideal place for designers, programmers, journalists, consultants, salespeople, online community managers and more. Among the advantages offered by a coworking space we can find:

• Flexibility of use: They do not require a long contract, you can have a coworking space for a single month if necessary, in addition, it offers different plans depending on the hours you need to work.

• Own space: It provides you with a professional work space that motivates and therefore, makes you be much more productive in your work. It has more spaces such as meeting rooms to receive all kinds of clients and make the necessary presentations.

• No interference: You are your own boss, you control your time, therefore only you generate your distractions, which usually do not exist.

• More relationships: You will be able to increase your contacts without any effort, just by talking to the other coworkers during lunch or any event, you will get to know other fields and you will even be able to make alliances, it all depends on your skills.

• The right time: Coworking spaces create a balance between personal, family and professional life, so you can better distribute your time in each of these aspects.

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