Those who are passionate about the world of advertising, innovation and creativity are the ones who promote the differential factor thanks to learning, the hunger to create and the desire to surprise and impact with everything they do.

If these qualities define you, we are convinced that constant learning and curiosity are part of your daily life, factors that clearly influence an active and creative mind; with this in mind, today at Sepa Publicidad we want to offer you a variety of books to learn about advertising, about brands and about creative strategies that lead companies on the road to success.

These books give us a different perspective on all kinds of topics that influence our field, check them out below:

• Creativity S.A by Ed Catmull: This book was written by the president of Pixar and Disney Animation, it is about his experience and how they founded Pixar, he narrates what they lived through to take the company to what we know today, it is a book that inspires, starting with the text on its cover, “Take inspiration to infinity and beyond”.

• Learn how to promote your work by Austin Kleon: Here the author tells us ten ways in which creatives can make themselves known and get out of anonymity, without falling into the usual self-promotion or spam.

• Never Stop: Autobiography of the founder of Nike by Phil Knight: Written by the founder of the brand himself, this is a book that tells the never-before-told story of this renowned sports brand, telling us the secrets that have led Nike to the pinnacle of success.

• 365 days of art by Lorna Scoble: It is a book that proposes different exercises of perspective, calligraphy and portraits, it is recommended for those who are passionate about illustration.

• Contagious, how to make your products and ideas successful by Jonah Berger: It is in charge of breaking down little by little the great ideas that succeeded in recent times, you will know the mind and strategy of great characters.

• Design Thinking for strategic innovation, by Idris Mootee: To learn about desing thinking nothing better than this book that introduces you to the subject through real life examples and its raison d’être, by reading it you are guaranteed to learn how to solve all kinds of problems and mental and creative blockages.

• The Art of Leading a Creative Life, by Frank Berzbach: This book is one of the most recommended by the greats, because it is the best way to learn how to defeat fear, lack of ideas, the blank page and work routine.

Give yourself the opportunity to read each of these books, immerse yourself in a creative and passionate world of ideas; take your knowledge to your work in the advertising field, surprise, innovate and make a difference with knowledge, risk and strategy.

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