Given the large amount of time Colombians spend on mass transportation, brands understand that they can take advantage of this time through digital marketing strategies.

One of the characteristics of our country, which most of its inhabitants know very well, has to do with the high amount of time spent during transportation from home to the destination, whether it is work, study or other.

Beyond the fact that this topic could generate countless debates trying to find solutions to reduce these times, the only thing that is certain is that this is a reality that the average Colombian cannot escape, something that brands understand very well.

One of the jobs of the publicist is to understand the culture and the daily life of people to generate strategies that allow brands to approach people in a non-intrusive way, trying to get the target to receive the message they are trying to communicate.

As part of this understanding, the idea of allowing people to connect to the Internet during long journeys that we mentioned earlier has gone from being an option to a necessity, which can be leveraged through digital strategies. The option of having free Wi Fi in stations and buses of mass transit systems is a fact that digital marketing agencies will not hesitate to take advantage of.

Knowing that for more than an hour the only concern of a person riding a bus on the way to their destination is to check the latest news on Facebook, is something that brands have begun to take advantage of generating posts on this and other social networks for brands to talk to their consumer, it is clear that the idea of selling will always be present, but the intention in this type of tactics is more to tell stories, build customer loyalty and make the cumbersome waiting time more beneficial for both parties.

In Colombia, internet connections in mass media stations is a reality, this type of service is already being integrated in the MIO in Cali, in the Medellin subway and recently in Transmilenio in Bogota.

Colombians are increasingly connected to the network during their travels, so it is necessary that digital marketing agencies adapt their ideas to effectively attack this niche market, which is quite broad and can bring great benefits.

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