Of course we all know by now that Content Marketing works to attract traffic, and recently a study published by Oracle, this is the most effective strategy compared to SEM or SEARCH on search engines in terms of leads or potential customers.

“68% of Internet users spend time reading about brands and 80% of them appreciate learning about companies through personalized content” – Demand Metric.

This means that people get to know more about your brand or company through the content you publish. And this is true for any type of business or project, whatever the product or services you market.

And yes, visual content is just as important as text content. Text is a type of content that has to be attractive, that has to capture the attention of the audience. In short, it has a high degree of importance. But it is radically different in its structure than visual content. And visual content, today, is too important.

Now, the tips we have for you that will surely help you increase traffic with content marketing are as follows:


Every article, note, news, news that you publish on your blog needs a featured image. It is what visually describes your textual content. It cannot be just any image. It must have high resolution quality and be related to the subject of the post. It is also important to think and choose that image according to its subsequent distribution in networks. In general, everything that is published on the blog will also be shown on the rest of the networks through a link. Especially on Facebook and Twitter.


One of the keys to a good visual content strategy has to do with the use of graphics and diagrams. Why is that? Because they are valuable information. And what are people looking for? They are looking for VALUE.


If you offer “How to” articles on your blog, screenshots allow you to show the step-by-step process. According to a study by two behavioral and technology scholars, people who follow instructions with text and illustrations understand and perform 323% better than those who follow the same instructions without illustrations.


Infographics have become a really successful visual resource. An infographic structures data in a consistent way and helps the reader organize all that data easily. In fact, an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than an ordinary blog post.


How could it be otherwise, in an era marked by the audiovisual, videos must be in blog posts. They are an important part of any content marketing strategy. They are so powerful that they give you the ability to convert potential customers into customers and sporadic readers into regular readers. The key is to share what your audience wants to see. That is measured, researched by trial and error. The truth is that there is no denying that videos are popular, which is why they cannot be left out of a content strategy.

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