Surely with the current situation, many companies, businesses and brands have decided to become part of the virtual world, which is why they have created their own web page. But what should you take into account when creating it and get the sales you expect?

Today we want to show you what your website should have when creating it to generate sales, take a look!

Analyze the market and the sector you want to reach.

Although the Internet offers us the opportunity to reach everyone, not everyone will buy our product or service. That is why it is ideal that you analyze beforehand in which market you move and the exact sector you are targeting.

Elaborate a purchasing process

How do you want the buying process to go through for your users? In order to give better attention to your customer, you can elaborate a guide of how they will be able to buy in your online business. To do this you have to take into account your target audience, the peculiarities of your service or product and what the competition is like.

The domain

The domain is like your home address. It is the address by which people will search for you. A domain has two parts: the name and an extension (.com, .es, .org, etc).

When we have already selected the domain, it is time to look for the hosting. The host is the land where you are going to put your house. It is the space where your web site will be established. Once you have it, you have to link domain and hosting, in case you have acquired them separately. But don’t panic! It is a very simple process and we always have at our disposal the technical service to help us.

Choose a platform and design your website

In the market there are different platforms and templates that you can use to create the website you have in mind. If you think it is a complicated process, of course you can count on us, because in Sepa Publicidad we make your idea come true and we will make it your new virtual home.

Online sales policies

Define specifically the rules by which your store will be governed.

  • What will be your return policy?
  • What is the payment gateway like?
  • What are the shipping costs?
  • What is your privacy policy?
  • Do you have a secure site to make online payments?

Make yourself known with social networks

It’s time to open your online store to the world.

 Take advantage of this occasion to promote it on social networks, send invitations to your customers (if you have any), etc. Take advantage of all the channels you have at your disposal to publicize your store, your ecommerce is ready to sell!

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