Social networks are part of digital marketing strategies, and, of course, they are constantly evolving year after year. So, what does 2021 have in store for us?

Consumers’ expectations of brands and their advertising have changed significantly over time. Now people are demanding a more personalized social media advertising experience – and guess what, this is where you should focus your next social media strategy!

There is no doubt that the future of social media advertising has a lot of potential. What is the best strategy? Keep the best user experience constantly evolving.

Listen to what they ask for, pay attention to their behavior with respect to your content and make sure to keep customer service as personalized as possible. Of course, don’t forget to avoid many steps before making the purchase, users love immediacy! And that’s what you should give them, this way, the experience will be more than satisfactory.

On the other hand, remember that more than customers, they are friends, and more than users, they are people who are looking to fulfill their expectations regarding the product or service you offer, so don’t disappoint them and be creative, always creative! With content of interest. Promotions, interactivity, contests, brand activations, etc.

The second important aspect that will be trending in social networks in 2021 is artificial intelligence, did you know that? Of course, this has already been in use for quite some time, but looking into the future, artificial intelligence will surely have much more value if you know how to use it.

Another big trend that is coming, and that has already given a lot to talk about, is the use of videos, this will be the peak of advertising this year! Day by day technology is innovating and new methods and tactics are being adopted in the digital world. Today, for example, interaction on social networks is different from what it used to be. We now use video chats to facilitate our communication.

Engaging, interactive and less time consuming videos are those that will be consumed the most due to their popularity. So get ready to monetize with your tik tok is already a reality, in addition to your live channels on most platforms.

And you, what are you waiting for to implement these factors in your digital strategy? Get ready to create unique experiences! And don’t forget, you should always innovate with your creativity.

Information taken from Melissa Molina’s blog: Journalist and organizational communication geek.

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