Last week we told you what were the necessary tools for a Freelancer who wants to break it… Well, today we bring you the second part! So join us for the rest of the article.

To refresh your memory, remember that first of all, you should know that technology is a decisive factor when it comes to remote work. There are more and more tools to make up for the shortcomings of digital and communicate easily.

With this in mind, we continue with the Top of tools that a freelancer must handle.

We already talked about communication tools, storage, project management and productivity, now, we will start with calendar management tools, for example, Google Calendar, a calendar in the cloud ideal for organizing your days. It allows you to add location and notifies you of your upcoming appointments in time to not be late, you can also add links to share notes and presentations.

As for tools to manage social networks, the best of all, and that has it all in one, is Metricool. The free version is already quite useful. It allows you to generate autolists that are republished with the frequency that you set in networks. But also the paid version allows you to analyze KPI’s in networks that saves you the work of seeing how things are going at a glance.

For video chatting, in addition to Skype, which you surely know, we recommend Zoom, a video-conferencing App, in its free version you can access a virtual room where you have the possibility to connect with up to a hundred people in real time for about 40 minutes. In addition, you can record the session and broadcast events in real time, something similar to streaming.

“Scaling your business depends mostly on getting your organization right, analyzing what you do every day, implementing systems and improving results.  But the tools solve a lot for you and allow you to keep your focus on what’s most important.” – Franck Scipion

In both articles we tell you what are those essential tools in the life of a Freelancer, if you start to include them in your day to day, you will surely optimize your work much more! And you’ll become one of the greatest in your field – get ready to tear it up and knock it out of the ballpark!

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