Competition in all fields is increasing by leaps and bounds, rivals are not long in coming and you must learn to welcome them with open arms, relying on strategies to not let them throw you down and without losing the elegance or the good name of your brand or business.

Today, in this era where consumerism is the way of life for many, the abundance of supply is not long in coming, as it has become the daily bread, this factor increases the rivalry between brands, whether traditional or new ones that advance rapidly and position themselves without even realizing it.

The brands that deserve recognition and remembrance by consumers are those that give their place to the customer, those that think about their needs and seek to solve each of them, in the industry it is not well seen to work by and for the competition, focus on destroying it is not the solution, being on the defensive or offensive will not make your customers prefer you over your rivals.

It is vital that a brand, when deciding to attack its opponent, takes into account certain criteria and terms that will not make it look bad, as we said before, it must receive the competition with strategies to not be overshadowed and still retain the loyalty of its consumers and acquire some new ones. Today, in Sepa Publicidad we want to tell you what you should do when a rival brand wants to compete directly with you, and to do so, we base ourselves on Derrick Daye’s principles clearly described in the article he wrote for Branding Strategy Insider.

  • The first thing you must be clear about is that you should not fight with the rival, on the contrary, fight for your customers, to keep them and acquire new followers.
  • Brands that have great rivals must be totally assertive and never fall into insults or rudeness, it is not about overshadowing the competition, you just have to learn to stand out and stand out without losing the essence of what you offer. The main objective is to attack principles, to form strategies without defeating or killing other personalities.
  • To face your direct or indirect competition you must have a positive attitude and 100% optimistic about what could or should happen.
  • The first thing you must take into account, and this is very clear, is advertising, without it you will not be able to reach the audience in a massive way. So, hire the best advertising agency and together come up with strategies and campaigns that will allow your brand to stand out from others in the same sector.
  • Make sure you focus on your own strengths and highlight them, leave aside your rival’s weaknesses in order to have a fair and healthy competition.
  • You must be 100% committed to what you are doing and creating to excel.
  • Finally, set goals and be clear about the following concepts: a time frame, the budget and the concrete measures you will carry out.

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