Creative freedom, flexible schedules and independence are factors that represent a freelancer very well, but… How to organize your work to break it with each job? Today we tell you some tips!

First of all, you should know that technology is a decisive factor when it comes to remote work. There are more and more tools to make up for the shortcomings of digital and communicate easily.

With this in mind, below, we tell you what is that Top of tools that yes or yes, must handle a freelancer and thus take it out of the ballpark with their work, take a look at each of them! And be sure to make them your best ally.

Our first recommendation, and surely the most used worldwide, is Gmail. Email is a basic for every virtual business; be sure to forward your corporate emails to a single account and manage it efficiently by creating filters to automate actions, unsend emails and set up automatic responses.

If you work in a team, Slack is considered a free tool ideal for making the most of features such as group calls. It is a private chat where you can create specific channels for each project to which only those involved in that specific task will have access.

Cloud storage is also fundamental, for this, we recommend the most common tools such as Google Drive and its apps Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Forms, presentations, etc. And Dropbox, the free cloud storage software with a limited amount of space.

Organizing your work life in an amazing way is what you get with project management tools like Asna, ideal for managing your business tasks. With it is possible to track all the progress, check for delays or detect bottlenecks. It also allows you to have conversations, assign tasks to team members and notify them of what they have to do each day.

Now, as for productivity, Toggl is a free tool that controls the time you spend on each of your tasks. It is a very useful application to identify if our working hours and priorities for the company are aligned and, therefore, to know if we are really being productive or we need to change course.

We also recommend Pocket. If you come across links while browsing that are useful for another project and that you would like to review later, Pocket allows you to tag and save them. The app synchronizes from your mobile and also has a Chrome extension.

Tips from Franck Scipion and his web portal Life Style Cuadrado

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