Every year, the BrandZ Top 20, the study that groups the most valuable brands in each country created by Kantar Millward Brown, the global brand analysis agency in company of the WPP group, is held in Bogota.

This 2019 saw even more reflected the use and importance of digital marketing, a factor that will soon influence the most updated list of the most valuable brands in Colombia.

To get an idea, today we tell you which were the lucky ones to occupy the Top 20 by the end of 2018, and hopefully the new ranking for this year will surprise us even more.

Meet below the 20 leading brands in Colombia and their value in dollars:

1.       Águila Beer 3,486
2.       Póker Beer 2,132
3.       Bancolombia Fincancail Institutions 851
4.       Une Communication Providers 769
5.       Tigo Communication Providers 693
6.       Pilsen Beer 618
7.       Éxito Retail 609
8.       Ecopetrol Energy 554
9.       Davivienda Fincancail Institutions 499
10.   Pietrán Food 403
11.   Avianca Airlines 333
12.   Sura Fincancail Institutions 329
13.   Banco de Bogotá Fincancail Institutions 319
14.   Banco Popular Fincancail Institutions 271
15.   Argos Industry 266
16.   Club Colombia Beer 264
17.   Zenú Food 251
18.   Doria Food 236
19.   Jet Food 215
20.   Carulla Retail 131


It is worth remembering that the digital boom continues to grow more and more. It has become the tool of choice for most companies, businesses, brands and projects.

So: If you’re looking to surprise and innovate, there’s nothing like being ahead of the curve! And more in a digital era where visual appeal is paramount to achieve success, taking into account not only the psychology of color but aesthetics, design and all the content in general, because we know that it requires a large collective of ideas to achieve the desired goal, surprise with each project!

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