Today, applications are moving and revolutionizing the world, thanks to the different technological advances that make them the best allies for companies.

Below, we present a ranking of the most outstanding applications worldwide, get to know them and do not hesitate to download them, as they are essential and we guarantee that they will be a trend for a long time.

  • Google Maps: It is considered the most used application, because of the 1000 million smart mobile devices that exist, 54% have this App installed; this thanks to its usefulness and functionality that it offers to each of its users.
  • Facebook: The second most downloaded application, at least 40% of Smartphones have it installed; this talking only about the App, since if registered users are concerned it has millions in the world.
  • Youtube: Around 35% of mobile devices have it installed, which reflects the importance being given to this recreational application.
  • Google+: Present in 30% of mobile devices, the App of this social network is growing favorably.
  • We chat: WhatsApp’s direct competitor, which has been growing since its creation as an instant messaging App, its downloads reach 27% of Smartphone users.
  • Twitter: Considered the second most famous social network, it occupies the sixth place in the ranking of the most used applications worldwide, its share reaches 22% of users.
  • Skype: Worldwide communication platform application, with a 22% share of downloads.
  • Facebook Chat: Application linked to Facebook but also independent, it has 22% of downloads by Smartphone users.
  • WhatsApp: Occupies the ninth place in the ranking, surprisingly it has been devalued thanks to other free Apps that offer similar services, it has a share of 17% of downloads on Smartphone.
  • Instagram: With 10% of downloads it occupies the last place, although its position does not make it a bad quality App, since it is considered one of the preferred ones if photography and interaction are concerned.

Apps become necessary if you are looking for a more direct approach with each of your customers. Did you know? Which is your favorite App?

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