Instagram is one of the social networks that, today, offer a wide range of opportunities to grow as a brand and position yourself in the market, so it is important to make the most of it, since the aesthetic tools offered by this platform are essential to captivate your potential customers, how to do it? Having an optimized feed will give you much more chances that users who reach it will become your followers.

Now, what is the Instagram feed? An Instagram feed is the view in which you can observe all the publications that a user has uploaded in a temporal order to the social network. In short, it’s a dashboard where you can see all the posts the user has made in chronological order.

Play with colors: Finding a color palette that matches your brand is essential if you want to create an attractive Instagram feed. Believe it or not, colors have the ability to generate a number of behaviors in people, especially when it comes to interacting with your brand.

Manage a typography characteristic of your brand: Organizing your Instagram feed goes beyond just taking care of the colors and images you are going to use, the typography you use must also be appropriate, as this is visible to the audience.

Always keep a content plan: Hand in hand with any good design goes a good plan of topics with which you can attract the attention of your audience and interact with them so that they feel interest in you and your profile.

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