Instagram is one of the most visited platforms and with more users worldwide. Nowadays it is an infinite source of content that day by day is nourished with events, experiences, commerce, trends, etc. In that sense, many professional brand accounts are turned on this social network in order to generate more traffic and reach more people; all to show, sell, inform or simply generate interaction through their content, but how to increase traffic and succeed in the attempt? In Sepa Publicidad we show you through these tricks!

URL in your profile, you’ll need it: Why? If a new or potential follower comes to your account, and wants to know who you are, they will go straight to your biography. If they don’t find a good full description, link to your website, and engaging content, chances are they will start following you. Remember that you can only include links in your bio, so you have to make the most of the 150 characters that Instagram allows you.

Look for hashtags that suit your content: If you have used this social network before, you will have noticed that each photo has a good number of hashtags, which allow you to locate each photo in a faster and easier way, thanks to its search engine. This is more powerful than Twitter’s, since the more hashtags you use, the more likely your photo will reach a larger number of Instagram users.

Watermark your photo ?: You never know if one of your photos might go viral, so it’s essential to add your signature or watermark to each of them. There is an application that does an excellent job, Add Watermark Free . It is free, it allows you to use a text or image as a watermark.

If you follow these tips, you can increase traffic to your website considerably in a simple and effective way. To configure your Instagram profile optimally you only need 10 minutes, and I assure you that the changes are visible in a very short time, because in Sepa Publicidad we revolutionize the digital world!

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