The marketing world is changing all the time! Digital platforms increasingly facilitate new and innovative ways to create content to reach more cybernauts, hence the need to be constantly informed, because the truth is that if we stay for a long time confident in a particular strategy, eventually, we will be overtaken by the digital forms that abound in the networks.

Do you want to guarantee an optimal use of your business or brand on the Internet? How do you know if you are advancing on the right path? Well, for this there are specialized platforms that measure your progress, reveal digital shortcuts and show you accurate statistics about your growth, all so you can create a content marketing strategy that goes towards what you want: to grow!

For that reason, in Sepa Publicidad we will share with you 3 essential platforms to succeed in the digital world.

StoryChief: is an editorial CMP that allows you to create and publish interactive articles at the same time and through multiple channels. This means that it is possible to publish an article simultaneously on channels such as Medium, WordPress, Shopify, etc. as well as social media channels and Mailchimp.

HubSpot: is an inbound marketing tool that offers a marketing hub and a tool for sales and customer service management. The marketing hub helps marketers create quality content, while the sales hub allows you to focus on your customers and manage your contact lists professionally.

ScribbleLive: ScribbleLive is the software that allows you to create high-quality interactive, visual and video content. It allows you to publish to multiple channels, track conversions and has a social media manager. It also allows you to plan your content management strategy with an editorial calendar and accommodates live publishing, making it easy to promote live events and on-site engagement.

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