COVID-19 confinement has changed the routines of each of us, making our work and educational life become part of the dynamics of the home. Being at home for so long has been the right space to resume those hobbies or to learn different disciplines.

Thanks to this, the digital world has had an exponential growth, as many have chosen to grow their businesses on the web or have wanted to learn how to better manage their social networks, creating great demand for digital marketing courses.

So if your thing is to learn new things or continue to enhance your professional profile, here are 5 applications that offer a variety of courses, with which you can get certified.


It is a platform created in 2009, which is aimed at professionals seeking to expand their profile. In this space those interested can find courses on Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO positioning, in addition to making courses in design, drawing, programming and business.

To access the courses you have to register at udemy.com, there you can buy the course that best suits you.


It is a Latin American platform that has been in the digital market since 2014, in this space you can find Digital Marketing courses, which are classified from different areas, so you can choose a group of courses that bring you closer to your goals.

In this space you can purchase plans, which makes it easier for you to have access to more courses. on the website you will find 3 plans: basic, expert and expert +, each with different characteristics, that depending on your profile or what you want to learn, then select the one that best fits.


It is a creative community where professionals from different areas offer courses. This platform is more focused on the creative so you will find courses in design, illustration, drawing, photography and digital marketing.

In the case of Doméstika there are a variety of plans to access the courses. Once you register you can choose a PRO membership, which gives a 20% discount on the individual cost of each course, or you can buy course packs, where you have the option to put together your pack of 6 or 3 courses, or if you prefer to choose the already established packages.


We are sure you have heard NextU in different media. This portal was created in 2013 as a subsidiary of Open English. In this space you will be able to find academic programs, almost as if you were doing a diploma course.

When you enter the portal you will find a variety of programs including Digital Marketing, which has a curriculum of 12 levels, in them you will see the basics of marketing, email marketing, SEO, SEM, pattern and much more.


It is one of the most popular platforms, where you can find a wide range of courses, diplomas and specializations, where you can focus on digital marketing, graphic design, web development, animation and even cooking.

To access the wide range of courses, you can purchase different types of premium memberships, which offer individual, duo or family packages, as well as access to free courses.

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