Social networks are full of risks, opportunities and surprises! Knowing how to make the most of them is a task of analysis, planning and strategy. In Sepa Publicidad we are inspired by digital marketing as a form of passion, because we understand that you love what you do, and we want to help you do it better, for that reason, we share with you five essential keys to succeed in social networks.

Avoid being everywhere: Do not try to cover too many things at once or be present in all social networks. You should only bet on those that are really advantageous for your objectives.

Dare to try new things: Forget the fear of trying new things. Social networks are constantly evolving so it is likely that what worked for you one day will not be as effective the next. Experts point out that there is still a long way to go before we can talk about mature platforms, so you still have a long way to go to experiment and find what best suits your needs.

Plan all your activity: There is an unwritten rule in the industry that states that marketers should spend 60% of their time planning their strategies, 30% on analysis and the remaining 10% on execution.

Interact with your followers: Social networks are very effective when it comes to knowing people’s opinions. If you want to gain visibility, it is important that people talk about you. It is important that your target knows that you have a real interest in knowing what they think about you. Interpellate your target audience to generate conversations and participate in them. Solve their doubts. It is important that they hear “your voice”, this will help you connect with them.

Invest in advertising: One of the strategies to gain notoriety and reach a larger audience is to advertise on social networks. It is currently the cheapest and most effective way to advertise online. And it is suitable for all businesses, whether for tourism, promotion of services, sale of products, etc…

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