Today, Instagram is one of the most visited networks in the world, useful to modernize companies, images, brands and personalities. Therefore, knowing how to take advantage of each of the tools it offers is essential. And in this article, we want to deal with an element of quite widespread with which you can create great wonders. That’s right: Instagram stories! At Sepa Publicidad we want to make your creativity fly, so, below, we will share with you some tricks with which you can make your story more attractive, it won’t take you long!

✅Play with collages, combine images and create amazing compositions, for this it is not necessary to have more apps, Instagram included its Layout app directly in the stories section, simply select the option, choose the type of collage and start taking pictures.

✅Take advantage of all the new features that Instagram gives you, for example, recently began to position the Reels, take advantage of it, you will find more tools to edit stories, as well as new fonts. The new feature allows you to share these same images for use in the Instagram feed.

✅Guide yourself by using these apps to create stylish designs and graphics that stand out from the rest, most of these examples have free versions, so it’s time for you to use them. Remember, everything you do on this social network, should be focused on your potential customers and users of your community, be a contribution. Something important when creating a story is to create a functional composition. We recommend you not to occupy the bottom space or the corners of the canvas, this allows the viewer to grasp faster what you want them to see.

✅Also, if you add something in the upper left corner, it will be covered by the default logo, as well as in some devices, try not to add elements at the bottom, where the space for your users to send you messages goes.

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