Have you ever wondered what are those advantages that Reels provide you and how to get the most out of them? In Sepa Publicidad we will teach you all the tricks, tips and semi-hidden features to create Reels on Instagram, whether you have not yet made any publication of this style on your Instagram or if you already have several short videos behind you, so… Follow us on our blog!

Activate Reels: To start using Reels, you will need to open the Instagram camera, which is where the entire feature is located. In the latest versions of Instagram, the camera interface has changed to now be divided into three sections: Live, Story and Reels. To activate Reels, you need to tap on Reels. The first time you open the app, you are shown an information window in which you must tap Start.

Switch camera: To switch between the front and rear camera of the cell phone, you can use the switch camera button at the bottom of the window. However, just like when recording Instagram stories, you can switch from one camera to the other by double tapping the screen.

Record in different takes: One of the main differences between Instagram stories and Reels is that in stories you have to record everything at once. Not so in Reels, where a video is made up of clips or snippets. Videos in Reels have a maximum length of 15 seconds, which you can fill with as many clips as you want.

Change the background: The filter to change the background of the video is not exclusive to Reels (you will also find it in the stories), but it can be very useful for your more creative videos. It’s a filter just like any other, so you’ll have to press the effects button (the smiley face), choose the Green Screen filter and choose one of the photos you have saved on your phone as a background.

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