The secret formula to stand out and generate more interaction will depend, to a great extent, on the creativity you have and the context of your brand, and thus, be able to adapt content, according to the need, Do you want some previous tips to awaken your creativity? At Sepa Publicidad we share with you the best of the best for you!

Showcase moments of your day without filters: Give your community an insider’s perspective of your business with unedited behind-the-scenes photos and real-time video. In a study commissioned by Facebook, people were more likely to visit stories to see live content without filters.

Share customer testimonials: Ask your customers to leave their opinions about your products or services, and share them in your stories.

Tell your company’s story: You can share the story of how your company started, your mission, the challenges you had to overcome or an anecdote that shows the personality of your company. Use videos or text only on a plain background.

Showcase your products and services: Take advantage of the full-screen format of stories to showcase your products, launch new items and announce sales. If you have a service company, show people your services. In a study commissioned by Facebook, half of respondents said they searched for the product or service on websites where they could buy it after seeing a product or service in a story.

Share tutorials: Show people how they can use your products. You can inform people who are considering making a purchase and demonstrate your industry expertise at the same time.

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