Did you know that engagement is the commitment between consumers and your brand, and the degree to which your consumers interact with it? This is achieved by creating a certain loyalty and motivation for your audience to love your brand, defend it, share your values and feel part of it, thus becoming customers and recommending it to other users.

An attractive profile is essential: Creating an Instagram account is not enough to improve engagement, but having a good, accessible, complete and attractive profile is essential to increase engagement with your followers. Check out one of our previous blog’s at to find out how to achieve this.

In the periodicity of your publications is the key: Publish often, have an active presence and above all analyze at what times your followers are most active. As it is a mostly mobile social network, users tend to connect mainly outside working hours and weekends.

Interact with your followers: Address them, make your publications personal, know your audience’s concerns and focus on them, make them participate in your posts, ask them questions, invite them to comment, create conversations, comment. If you give rise to interaction, they will respond. And when that happens, engagement increases.

Contests and promotions: Contests and promotions on Instagram are very popular. But they are also the perfect way to increase engagement and inspire your followers to share their own content. Invite them to participate, give them reasons to join the contest and incentivize them with prizes. The result, as you will see, is amazing as long as you create good campaigns!

Always use hashtags: Hashtags were created to be used, and they work very, very well. So take the time to research which ones work best and generate the most traffic in your sector and use them to reach a wider audience.

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