Before we begin, we want to emphasize that keeping your objectives well defined in the digital world represents an important saving of time, money and stress.

However, a good SEO campaign cannot be automatically launched adrift. It is very important to condition the strategy based on business objectives, customer service, the needs of the sales team and knowledge of the competitive landscape in which the brand operates.

Of course, choosing the right targets for your campaign is by no means a simple task. Therefore, it is also good to combine and classify your ideas… Start by choosing simple objectives that will allow your website to take off, without neglecting longer-term SEO strategies.

So, having understood our point about the importance of creating goals, next, find out what are those options that would work best for your business, company or brand. Take a look at each one of them!

 Lead generation and direct marketing

The main function of this type of strategy is to generate customers and revenue. Any SEO strategy focused on lead generation is based on conversion rate. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is usually the surest way to obtain new leads for your website.

For those who do not know, CRO is the professional activity that focuses on the analysis and improvement of the conversion rate of a website; whose objective is to capture the largest possible number of users to perform the action that we have defined as a goal.

Increase web traffic

This goal is to get as many clicks on your content as possible. This in addition to keeping your target audience on your website for as long as possible.

This is a common goal for websites that are not focused on financial transactions. For example, if your website is sponsored or based on advertising revenue, this goal should be your priority, as the more users that come to your website, the higher your revenue will be.

Increasing the number of e-commerce sales

If we want to focus on attracting users to our online store, as well as increasing our sales, this is our goal.

Once you have identified your audience and keywords, focus on making the transaction as easy as possible with conversion rate optimization (CRO). The goal of CRO is to increase the average conversion value.


It is very common today to overlook branding, focusing only on sales and outreach, but this is a serious mistake. Our brand is a fundamental part of the marketing campaign we are developing.

Source: Marketeros web portal

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