The importance of color is unquestionable, not only in the creation of web pages, but also in any aspect of life in general, since color is present in everything that surrounds us, from the walls of our home to the clothes we wear every day.

It is not superfluous to emphasize that the influence of colors at a psychological level has always been used in advertising, graphic design, fashion, interior design and others; for its part, the color influences people significantly; and we can not ignore it when we consider the design of web pages, but what is the right color for my website?

Now, below, we tell you what colors to integrate into the design of your website according to what you want to convey or achieve, take a look and pay close attention!

  • Temperature: Colors suggest degrees of temperature as they produce an effect on the sympathetic system and the activity of the glands, taking this into account, yellow, red and orange are considered warm as they are stimulating and dynamic because they increase the pressure, breathing and heart rate.
  • Visibility: Certain colors capture the attention of users better than others, in normal light conditions warm colors attract more and are seen at a greater distance than cold colors in this order: yellow, orange, green, blue, red and violet, however, if we perceive them in the dark red is better appreciated, followed by green, yellow and finally white.
  • Contrast: The combination of pairs of complementary colors such as red-green, blue-orange and purple-yellow produces a contrasting effect, a clear example is the butcher shops, where the meat is decorated with parsley because the red seems more intense next to the green, you must learn to combine properly and thus get the results you expect.
  • Movement: Believe it or not, colors can produce an optical effect of movement when they are appreciated, for example, white seems to go beyond its edges, as for black, it seems to withdraw, red has a feeling of moving towards us and finally, blue gives the feeling of moving away, the opposite of red.
  • Weight: Color is also capable of modifying the apparent weight of objects, the eyes perceive as heavier a black object, followed by red, gray, purple, blue, green, yellow and white; generally dark colors convey a greater sense of weight than light ones, this is important to keep in mind!

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The visual impact that your page will have from the first contact with the customer is a priority, so we make sure to offer a clean and pleasant design, which highlights the products or services that you consider most relevant to achieve the maximum possible attention when entering your page. The information will be distributed neatly in menus and submenus, mobile slides and any other option that your website needs, what are you waiting for to contact us?

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