Jeff Bezos asserts that “Personal brand is what they say about you when you’re not around,” so why not make it extraordinary?

The concept of self-branding was born as a technique to get a job; it is the management of a personal profile as if it were a brand. Personal brands, just like normal brands, have a defined tone of communication, objectives to achieve, a portfolio of products and services and differential values that allow them to stand out from the competition, it is selling oneself with authenticity!

On the other hand, we tend to fall into an annoying routine, which is why we often run the risk of going unnoticed in the crowd around us, so how about getting noticed in a positive way and standing out by breaking the monotony?

Of course, it’s not about whether they know we exist or not, it’s about making a difference! Well, we all project something and it’s up to you to take advantage of it for your own good, since opportunities are easier for those who stand out than for those who do not.

Nor is it about what people will say, because it is not a matter of fitting into society, it is about projecting what we really want to stand out and generate many more opportunities.

Now, in today’s article we will tell you how to develop a personal brand, you must take into account the following aspects!

To begin with, you must identify and exploit the good things you can offer, to achieve this, be sure to highlight at least 3 qualities that differentiate you from the rest, no matter what you do professionally, surely you have something that makes you so unique among others, something that makes you stand out positively!

One aspect to keep in mind is that regardless of the role you play, first they compare you, your brand and your person, then they look at what you represent or what you are really an expert in, and of course, what we are looking for is a good image!

Another point that you must have more than clear to create your personal brand, is that this must be built every day and at all times; activity that is not alien to the day to day, because consciously or unconsciously, your own brand is being built thanks to various daily activities, including the management of your social networks, because these digital tools speak of you by themselves!

Make sure you build your own brand, and do it well! It is important to know that, before having a business or a company, it is pertinent to work on yourself, thus reflecting your essence that complements your work. Working consciously on your personal brand would be to first accept what you represent and then work on generating value.

Having this clear, now we focus on one thing, do not try to copy! There is nothing worse than building your personal brand under the shadow of someone else who does what you would like, it is about being original and unique, making your own difference!

The web portal Piensa Merca assures that “once you have identified the value that you can generate to the rest, you must put yourself in focus. Show yourself and your skills by generating interesting content in your social networks, provoking to come to light at all times, write for a blog in addition to creating your own, look for events where you can present yourself as a listener or exhibitor depending on your skills, seek constant networking and interact with as many people as possible”, these aspects are essential to create a completely reliable brand of your own.

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