It is important that you have your Christmas marketing campaign defined so that consumers can make their purchases. In addition to that, at this time you can also generate valuable content that connects you even more with your target audience. How to do it?

You may already have everything ready for this year, or you still need to complete some details. However, it is not superfluous to know some recommendations that can help you in your Christmas marketing campaign. For this reason, below we will tell you a series of tips that will surely be of great help, so take note:

Prepare your strategy in advance

Just because Christmas is celebrated in December doesn’t mean that you have to start everything in that month. In fact, most consumers start planning their shopping as early as October. Others take advantage of the long-awaited November sales.

Provide a unique experience

You need to innovate and give a particular touch to your strategy. Go out of the ordinary without losing the Christmas spirit. You can apply another color palette, such as light blue, white or gold. The browsing and shopping experience has to reflect it. So dress up your landing pages, search filters, categories and specific guides. It’s not only about generating curiosity, but also about making them live these dates in a special way.

Email campaign

The effectiveness of email marketing is more than proven, so it would be a mistake to leave it out of your campaign. This channel is not only direct, but also personalized, which makes the message more effective. So take advantage of November and December to double the number of emails sent to your contact list.

If you have a good segmentation of your audience, the personalization of emails will be a simple task. It is a matter of knowing your audience well to know what to offer them, adapting to their needs and preferences.

Discounts and promotions

Send your promotional campaign without disguising it, because this is precisely what consumers are looking for at this time of year. Beforehand, announce an important event, generate expectation and attract the attention of your customers. With this advertising strategy, people get ready for Christmas shopping.

Sell your brand

Don’t assume that everyone knows you, especially if you launch your Christmas marketing campaign through social networks or social ads. On these channels anyone can see your advertising, meaning not everyone is a repeat customer. For this reason, it is important that beyond selling a product, you sell your brand. Keep in mind that to create attraction and expectations for a launch, it is essential that the consumer knows the brand beforehand. This generates greater confidence at the moment of making their Christmas purchases.

Create an emotional message

At Christmas, it is essential that the message you transmit through your campaign awakens emotions in people. A good example is the Coca-Cola brand, which annually captivates everyone with its Christmas marketing campaigns that always reflect the spirit of the season.

Optimize keywords

Start by putting yourself in the audience’s shoes and think about how they might search for your brand. To do this, it is essential that you establish keywords related to your niche market and the products you sell. The advertising message must be appropriate to the search that the user is going to perform.

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