Product placement has been present in both series and movies for a long time and maybe you didn’t realize it until now.

So much is the power of advertising that even some of the most mythical scenes of the seventh art and its composition are marked by the decisions of brands, and that is where product placement takes place.

By the 1920s, the movies were booming, and in the 1930s, movies and their stars were the influencers of the moment. Everyone wanted to be like the Hollywood stars! And how they carried themselves, what they did and even how they styled their hair functioned as a general call to action. By that time movie stars were trendsetters.

It is known that the first payment for this type of advertising took place in 1932 when White Owl Cigars gave 250,000 dollars to the makers of the movie Scarface in order to make its protagonist appear smoking his cigarettes on the screen.

As a curious fact, we tell you that the closing of the engagement with a sparkling diamond ring was one of the reasons why this object became popular in love. Diamonds were never really the stone of love, but De Beerd managed to create that image with a very well thought out marketing strategy.

Now, years later, as product placement became more and more popular, many companies wanted to be part of it.

You probably remember some of the hits of the 80s, such as ET. Elliot, the main character, uses Hershey’s candy to lure the alien out of hiding. This was the brand that was willing to pay to appear on screen, and a week after the film’s release, it tripled its sales. Steven Spilberg tried to do the same with Mars and its M&M’s, but was unsuccessful.

From that moment on, advertising saw in product placement an immense opportunity to be noticed even more and to mark a generation. Today it is a very common strategy that, if carried out correctly, can clearly become a hit, like Corona beer in the Fast and Furious movies, or McDonald’s in Big Daddy.

What do you think of this marketing strategy?

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