Digital advertising is taking more and more the business field and even more in difficult times, for its part, marketing strategies are based on different formats or tools of this digital advertising thus achieving an Online success that many want to achieve; today, you will know each of them and their benefits within the industry … Surely you will want to dive into this digital world!

There are numerous entities and markets that survive thanks to its Online management; then, know what are the main formats of digital advertising:

  • Social Ads: This is the most interesting format of digital advertising, as it allows to reach millions of users previously segmented in detail, advertising on social networks potentiates 100% the presence of your brand on different platforms taking advantage of each tool, which are Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Instagram Ads.
  • Email Marketing: To create an email marketing campaign, the market offers us quality databases with segmentations, of course the more detailed the segmentation, the better the results; to carry it out, you can send links to download content in exchange for their email, in this way, the database is filled with leads of potential customers who are really interested.
  • Display: It is based on the different visual advertising elements found anywhere on the web, it has something to do with the well-known pop-up, banners and interstitial, it should be noted that this format is increasingly affected by ad blockers; to carry them out, it is essential to bear in mind that the content should focus on attracting the customer and not to jump and overcome the blockers.
  • Native advertising: This is integrated into the content or platform where it is published without interrupting navigation, allowing the user a smooth experience, as for ad blockers, the response of this format is not to try to limit its use to force consumers to see ads, as it is based on respecting their freedom of choice and provide them with content that they really want to consume.
  • Online Retargeting: This is a kind of evolution of display, since it uses the advertising formats of web portals to show personalized ads, using the information collected from cookies to show users information of real interest.
  • SEM: Consists in the creation of advertising campaigns of ads per clicks in different search engines such as Bing, Yahoo! and Google, it is the ideal format to create written ads, its success is based on the fact that it responds in a real and direct way to the needs of your target audience, because they are the ones who are looking for your product or service, not the other way around, which of course, guarantees success.

Each of these formats is taking over the digital industry, of course, guaranteeing entities the best results, because advertising and digital marketing do their part to benefit both parties, of course. Learn more about it and get ready to make a difference in the industry!

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