GMB o Google My Business es una herramienta digital imprescindible para las pymes y empresas que trabajan en entornos locales. Al permitir una amplia visibilidad de tu negocio, se convierte en la herramienta clave que abre las puertas a tus consumidores desde el mundo virtual.

GMB is a platform for access to the network and a business card for your most loyal customers and those who can find them through the Internet. Google relies more and more on the content of My Business to classify businesses, so it is beginning to discard the classification of third parties and external services, so every SME must take care of its presence on this platform.

Now, one of the most important parts of Google My Business are the reviews, which are nothing more than the opinions that users write in the GMB business cards. Today 9 out of 10 users consult reviews and opinions of other customers before making a purchase.

On the other hand, Google pays special attention to Local SEO, which means that the more positive reviews you have, the better Google will rank your business in its search engine.

What does Google take into account when it comes to correctly positioning a GMB review?

  • User rating: GMB’s rating system is based on stars; the maximum rating is 5 stars and the minimum is 1 star. The higher the rating, the better the SEO positioning.
  • The use of images within the rating: Reviews that are accompanied by images have more value for Google, but also for users. It is understood that a review with images offers more information and is more complete, as it shows the product or service.
  • The use of your business keywords: If the review includes the keywords for which the business is positioned, it will be better valued by Google.
  • The date: That’s right, for its part, Google positions better the businesses that have current reviews, than those that have not received reviews for a long time.

As mentioned above, the main benefit of a review is that it improves the local SEO of the business, but it also helps to improve brand image, a business that accumulates a large number of positive reviews and comments will be much more attractive to customers. This usually translates into an increase in traffic and also conversions.

On the other hand, we know that of course there are negative reviews, and these are difficult to eliminate, the solution is to always respond with a comment that seeks to improve the customer experience. When responding to this type of criticism, always do it politely, taking responsibility and offering compensation whenever possible.

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