The home office in times of isolation has become the best ally of the digital professional community, but do you really know how to make it effective, productive and successful?

Working from home is not a negative aspect at all, because it has several advantages such as:

  • Flexibility: This factor exists because projects are established instead of schedules, and it is the employee’s organization that determines success.
  • Savings with structure expenses: Since the employees do not have to be present in an office, which allows to save costs such as electricity, water, Internet, among others.
  • Better quality of professional life: When each member can plan their meals and cook them with greater tranquility, in addition, they will have more time to exercise, which prevents the onset of diseases.
  • Stress level is reduced: Due to vehicular congestion, public transportation, unforeseen events on the road, favoring the tranquility of each member.

Of course, for a home office to work as it should, it is essential to have the right team. Not everyone can be productive outside of the office, which is why choosing the people who have proven to be the most independent and focused is an excellent idea. Also, making sure that everyone chosen has the necessary tools at home or wherever they choose to work is crucial.

A good idea for a proper home office is to propose weekly meetings, having constant contact with the team is a good option to exchange relevant information and be aware of progress.

And of course, a basic part of corporate leadership is to make sure that each member of the team is working and will be able to fulfill their responsibilities. Accompanying the development of each stage is fundamental.

With this in mind, we will now tell you which are the home office communication tools that will surely make your life easier!

  • Slack: This application allows each member to communicate instantly with colleagues. In addition, you can create channels for a specific topic and replace work conversations so that each interaction is recorded. Slack provides the possibility of making video calls between several people, which greatly facilitates communication when making reports or defining new strategies as a group.
  • Trello: This project management tool is useful for many things, including organizing tasks, creating new goals and sending information to colleagues through cards that can contain text, images, videos, files, deadlines and more.
  • Google Drive: If by now you still don’t rely on the cloud to store, share and access information from anywhere, then it’s time to do so.

Now, something that is a bit tricky for team managers is to understand that a company’s productivity is not necessarily measured in working hours.

When the Home Office becomes an option or a necessity within the work dynamics, it is key to recognize that to measure efficiency it is advisable to do so through tasks or objectives achieved.

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