Fortunately for everyone, the reality of digital marketing positively affects different areas that were previously a little more delimited, so now it is a topic that suits many. In today’s article, we will give you an incredible list of books on digital marketing, design and branding that yes or yes, you must incorporate in your list this year.

Here we tell you which books you should include in your library, take a look!

  • The Purple Cow, by Seth Godin: “From the moment you start reading its first pages, you will realize the key points that Godin is saying, from the treatment you should have with your customers, to how to differentiate yourself from the competition to position and transform your business. Seth Godin, one of the gurus of marketing, shares his views on the role marketing is playing in organizations and the 10 ways to differentiate our product to lead the market”.
  • 51 things your mother taught you about Inbound Marketing, by Chad Pollitt: “The author explains what a mother would do with all the tips and concepts about Inbound Marketing. He clarifies doubts that clients always have, such as: What is the difference between inbound and outbound; what does Content Marketing mean? Or should my company be doing an SEO analysis of my pages? For all those beginners in Inbound Marketing, we highly recommend this book to be prepared with the new trends and strategies of the digital world”.
  • Change to change the world by Héctor Trinidad: “It is not easy to fulfill your dreams, you must work hard. Only after a long effort you will get what you dreamed one day. Know yourself, so you will eliminate the difficulties along the way and with this build a plan to achieve your goals”.
  • Marketing 4.0: moving from traditional to digital by Philip Kotler: “The world is constantly changing. This book will help you and will be your guide to move from traditional to digital. Kotler will help you navigate this incredibly connected world to reach more consumers more effectively.”
  • Methods of Persuasion by Nick Kolenda: “Simple to understand, a basic primer to introduce us to the world of persuasion and cognitive psychology. Kolenda finally lays out a seven-step process in which he plays with the acronym “Methods”. Understanding the individual’s behavior is the first phase in influencing him. “Methods of Persuasion” is a very good introduction to learning about people’s thoughts and emotions. It is not an academic text, so it is easy to read”.

Do you already know them? They are essential to learn how to move in this digital marketing world! Get yours and become an advertising guru.


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