The social media tools that we will introduce to you today are here to make your life much easier, join us throughout the article and find out all about them!

As we all know, digital marketing took the world and we must be at the forefront with its growth process, so today we decided to tell you what are these interesting and very necessary tools you need to know to have better results, take a look!

  • QUUU: It is ideal for creating content. It is known as a very useful tool for those who need a boost when it comes to creating their content. It is in charge of selecting personalized content depending on your interests and those of your audience, this is how it boosts your inspiration and makes your work easier. Be sure to make a perfect filter of your topics of interest, connect the tool with your Hubspot or Buffer account and you can research and experience the more than 300 topics available.
  • Brand24: This tool tracks mentions of your brand on the web. It works very well if you want to know exactly what people are saying about you in every corner of the Internet. It also has the ability to detect potential leads and attract them to your brand.
  • Oktopost: Recommended for analyzing and optimizing content. It focuses on B2B companies and works directly on conversion and lead optimization. It is ideal for organizing and measuring content over time. One of its most useful features is the ability to track real KPIs from your social media posts. That is, you can know exactly which post has converted a specific lead.
  • Rocketium: Special for creating content in video format! This tool offers the ability to create engaging videos with text overlays, filter, pre-designed themes, images and more. It also allows you to choose the format in which you want to publish the video.
  • GainApp: Recommended to use for content approval, it is quite useful when it comes to streamlining the approval work and content management. It shows a complete editorial calendar in which you can add, review and modify the posts to be uploaded later. It has interesting functions such as the possibility of exporting the document to PDF or CSV.
  • Buffer Reply: It is responsible for converting the comments received on social networks in a single Inbox, social networking tools focus their functions on the publication and analysis of content leaving aside the interaction with users. This tool assigns conversations to different people in the customer service team, detects influencers easily and reviews old conversations without having to search for long hours.

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