Undoubtedly, digital marketing became the protagonist during the isolation stage due to the coronavirus. Even so, today this juncture leaves us with a series of lessons that, when applied to this type of advertising, will surely allow businesses, brands and others to succeed in front of their consumers.

An important reflection to keep in mind is that this new reality has opened our eyes to the need to be prepared for exceptional situations and that the digital environment allows us to move forward in various scenarios.

Now, after Covid – 19 we have learned something, and that is that we must always adapt our strategy to build customer loyalty and attract new prospects, so we can win them for life!

So, with this in mind, what changes did the coronavirus leave us with in terms of digital marketing? How can we build customer loyalty even in difficult times?

Valuable content and engagement

Redirecting strategies with valuable content in the face of the pandemic is an excellent strategy. We are not referring to keeping users informed about the current situation of the coronavirus, but rather to generate content of interest, with tips, recommendations and many videos that are close to what they themselves want to see. The entities that have done this with their strategies, have achieved:

  • Increase their visibility and positioning
  • Boost branding
  • Reduce the impact of this crisis on their business
  • Generate solidarity, empathy and commitment to society.
  • Build customer loyalty and attract new potential customers

Increase Display ads

Fortunately for all of us, ads in different digital media offer us much more visibility than before. This is clearly due to the growth of Internet searches. A curious fact is that Internet consumption in recent months has increased by more than 119%.

Because of the situation, doubts arise as to whether campaigns should be paused during the Covid-19 that we are experiencing, but this is not advisable. We recommend that campaigns should be adjusted to the current situation, where there are millions of people locked at home, connected and available, searching continuously, and we should take advantage of all the visibility we can achieve.

Lead generation is not an option

Traditionally B2B companies base their lead generation strategy on events or face-to-face visits, but after Covid-19 this has been rethought and lead generation campaigns have taken center stage.

To enhance it, an indisputable ally is the Inbound Marketing methodology, with it the leads you will receive will be qualified or simply, you will take into account channels that in other circumstances you would never have thought that they would work. One of the keys for these campaigns to be really successful is to have a good database.

Make more videos

The consumption of online audiovisual content becomes an opportunity to connect with customers and prospects. The key is to have attractive content for the target audience. Something widely used in journalism and in the music industry, and that is made possible thanks to platforms that allow real-time broadcasting without the need for a large technical deployment. Talks, concerts, theatrical performances or webinars are just a few suggestions to take advantage.

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