All businesses, companies and brands with a presence on the Internet share the same purpose: to reach the greatest number of people while investing the least amount of resources and obtaining the greatest amount of benefits possible.

The good news is that there is a very effective way to achieve all that and at the same time get all your potential customers to know your business and be interested in it… Internet advertising!

And, unlike traditional advertising, Internet advertising is increasingly accessible to all businesses and allows you to reach your target audience in a fast, simple, effective and affordable way. That is why it is gaining more and more ground among all those businesses that have an online presence.

So what are the best ways to advertise online?

Search Engine Advertising

One of the most common ways of advertising on the Internet is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or search engine marketing, especially in one of them: Google.

The main advantage of this type of advertising is that it allows you to improve the positioning of your website through paid advertising. Thus, for example, through SEM techniques you can advertise your products, services or content through Google’s ad service or others so that users can find you more easily since your ads will be displayed in a relevant way in the user’s search results.

Advertising on social networks

Not only is it effective within your digital marketing strategy, but advertising on social networks is gaining more and more followers for its effectiveness. In fact, most social networks offer the possibility of creating advertising on their platforms, either promoting messages and content or creating specific ads. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube are just some of them.


Banners are probably the best-known form of online advertising and this is largely due to the fact that they were among the first ads to appear on the Internet.

It consists of placing an advertisement of different formats, sizes and designs in a strategic place within a web page. Users who click on the ad will end up on the landing page of your choice.

Pop-up / Pop-up windows

Insert a pop-up window on your website that invites users to register, subscribe or simply leave their email address to receive information for free. Something as simple as that can help you gain leads, increase your database and give you better results.

Blog advertising

In this case we are not referring to the ads that appear in any, but it is a type of indirect advertising that is usually done through the technique of storytelling and branded content, disguising the advertising behind an experience, a story or a reflection.


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