Key points, or commandments, that a successful advertising agency must have. Today we will tell you what are these important factors to take into account to succeed with your advertising agency. Join us throughout the article!

  1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, having a label is the norm, but if you believe the limits of this label you will stop being genuine and peculiar.
  2. Look for the real connection with the whole team, the love for the elaboration improves the result.
  3. Don’t just invoice, be useful. Behind every action there must be a rationale beyond the economic, you have to delve into why you do it, only then you get projects with soul.
  4. Tackle everything you have not done before. It is attractive to explore new paths for brands; and without realizing it, you will be in the sky far ahead of others.
  5. The Garden of Eden is infinite, variety keeps you fresh and gives you the vision to innovate; don’t be afraid to hire people from outside the industry, they’re the weirdos.
  6. Creatives can be structured, this is no miracle, it is true.
  7. Have international vision, all the temples of worship in the world are similar, every morning we pray for everything to go well, the difference is that in some we punish and in others we smile. Believe, have faith in what you do and look at the world without complexes.
  8. Give your clients talent, humor and humility.
  9. We never know what we are going to do until we have done it.
  10. Maintain absolute respect for the past of this strange profession or religion.

Always work as a team, count on colleagues who dare to take risks with you, who are creative and willing to make a difference.

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Source: Pilar Ruiz-Rosas, founder of El Cuartel advertising agency.

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