If you’re wondering if visual digital campaigns can go viral, we undoubtedly answer yes. Want to take a look at them? Continue reading the full article!

Of course, there are different types of digital content and formats that can be used when creating a creative campaign, however, there are many factors that turn a piece into an art piece. But not only the piece. In addition to having a design that manages to capture an idea and convey a powerful message, it must persuade. And to achieve this with greater effectiveness, text content is left aside and the focus shifts to creating visual digital campaigns.

For example, color is one of the most decisive tools when it comes to persuading. And more than 90% of purchase decisions are conditioned by visual factors, according to web psychologist Natalie Nahai.

Of course, sometimes the key to the fame of these pieces is a powerful copy. And a large percentage of the best visual digital campaigns succeed by appealing to emotions.

Now, understanding a small part of the background of a visual digital campaign, here are the best examples that you will surely love!

LEGO: Everything is not awesome” by Greenpeace

In 2014, LEGO was selling brick building kits with the Shell logo. Greenpeace publicly denounced them for the fact that the oil company was.
“destroying the natural world our children will inherit.” And the online petition collected more than 680,000 signatures. This forced LEGO to stop collaborating with Shell.

The video has 8 million views and offers a clever twist: the LEGO song.

Share a coke

As a professional in the marketing world, you will know more than enough about the importance of personalization. And yes, Coca-Cola knew it too when it launched its personalized beverages with names.

But this initiative was not enough. As part of the campaign, the brand also introduced a hug machine, a friendship machine and other such machines that were launched in India and Pakistan.

Dumb Ways to Die

is another of the best advertising campaigns that has been a runaway success in the 21st century. The campaign was launched by Metro Trains, an agency responsible for rail transport in the Australian city of Melbourne. The agency’s goal with this campaign was to reduce accidents on subways and railways. There had been a large increase in recent years.

The agency was aware that it was a difficult subject to capture the attention of users, who are not usually interested in the subject of safety. To get their attention, the real message of the campaign does not appear until the end of the video. Thanks to its dynamic and original content, centered on a catchy theme and a fun animation, the campaign spread through social networks like wildfire. In addition, the agency achieved its goal by reducing accidents on Australia’s rail transport by 30%.

Kmart: Ship my pants

Kmart felt the need to turn its brand image around and rejuvenate it. And it did it with a campaign that focused on visual content and humor. So much so that they got more than 22 million views on YouTube, 400 comments on Facebook and almost a million shares.

One of the key factors for visual digital campaigns is to give unexpected touches. That is, in this case Kmart was associated with old people’s clothes and a brand that is generally out of fashion. But through humor, it managed to surprise, give a new image and attract people’s attention.


The airline Vueling held a contest on Instagram to celebrate its more than 50 million passengers in 2011. The contest called on its fans to upload photos of any Vueling destination with the hashtag #vuelingairgallery.

In one week, more than 7,000 photos were received from the main European destinations. Once the promotion was over, Vueling selected the best photos and labeled an airplane to say thank you.

Source: MDirector web portal

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