Pro Infirmis, la ONG en defensa de la discapacidad de Suiza realizó una exitosa campaña con la ayuda de la agencia digital Jung von Matt/Limmat, de Zurich, con la que buscan promover la igualdad y rechazar la discriminación frente a las personas con discapacidad física.

In 2013 the NGO sought to raise awareness among millions of people, the idea of the campaign is based on showing a reality that few see through different mannequins modified according to the body of several people with disabilities, because as a member of Pro Infirmir says, “We often pursue ideals instead of accepting life in all its diversity”; which shows how society follows a false ideal of beauty, leaving aside the naturalness and acceptance.

It should be noted that the video is quite emotional, as it shows the reality of people we often do not see, and yet, when the mannequins are shown to the public with clothes that even celebrities would wear, many people are shocked and amazed, because it is something out of the ordinary.

Under the copy Who has the right measure of perfection? The campaign reached more than 8 million visits in two weeks, obtaining satisfactory results, where those who really mattered were the models and what they themselves represent in a world where rejection and rejection are the daily bread; finally, as part of the development of this campaign, the mannequin resulting from each session is shown to the models, who without shame or resentment show their excitement and happiness to finally see a figure with their physical characteristics; because they feel accepted as an important part of society.

A large part of the population suffers from disability, and for fear of rejection they themselves are self-conscious of performing all kinds of activities, it is time to think again and understand that we are all equal in our own way, because, who is perfect?

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