Will this be the beginning of an era?  Tumblr will begin a new era after the purchase of WordPress. We wonder, what will be the direction of this platform?

First of all, we want to clarify that Tumblr can be defined as a hybrid between blog and Twitter. It is a microblogging platform, which means that it is designed for short posts. The way Tumblr works is similar to that of other social networks. Users sign up for an account using an email address and password, a username and a URL for the page. If you wish, you have the option to use a custom domain instead of the generic name.tumblr.com.

Now, in just six years, Tumblr will change hands for the third time. This after Verizon, the largest U.S. operator and owner of the company after acquiring Yahoo! in 2017, has reached an agreement to transfer this microblogging social network to Automattic, parent of WordPress, the companies said.

According to U.S. sources, this transaction of which no economic details have been disclosed, ensure that the sale price of Tumblr would be well below US$20 million, or 18 million Euros.

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg, in a post on the partner network clarified that “Tumblr and WordPress have always been philosophically very aligned” to which he added that it was a “unique opportunity” to bring the two platforms together. “I knew we had to do it” he says.

He also clarified his point of view saying “Our teams are working hard right now to facilitate the transition at Tumblr, and while we have a lot of details to work out, one thing we are absolutely committed to is preserving the passion and sense of community that so many people associate with Tumblr.”

On the other hand, Tumblr CEO Jeff D’Onofrio has been “excited” about the “new chapter” that is opening for the company, noting that the Automattic integration will provide a better experience for the social network’s community.

For its part, Tumblr, the platform that once dominated the Internet thanks to users being able to share photos, images, videos, art and music, is beginning to write a new story in which it is expected to recapture some of the success it once enjoyed.


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