In recent months, TikTok has been the fastest growing social network worldwide, and its entertaining content has made more than one person fall in love with it. Being such an active network, it is clear that you should not miss the opportunity to advertise there and take your brand to the next level.

A platform that was initially associated with the teenage audience, now seems to be changing and, little by little, is attracting new people by expanding its average age. That is why more and more companies are showing interest in advertising space on this social network.

As a curious fact, we tell you that in March of this year, TikTok was the social network that had more downloads in App store and Google Play worldwide, so how about if you dare to advertise and advertise on it?

The first thing you should do is create an account in TikTok Business and wait to be accepted as a partner in this platform. After some time, you will receive an email requesting all the fiscal information of the company, along with the projected investment for the ads you plan to make.

When you fill out and send this form, they will send you another email where they approve or reject your application. If accepted, you will receive the link to access the configuration panel.

Types of ads for advertising on TikTok

IN-FEED NATIVE CONTENT: It is a “biddable” or bidding format similar to Instagram and Facebook stories, and allows you to drive traffic to a URL or use it to promote app downloads.

You can configure it in CPC, CPM and CPV.

BRAND TAKEOVER: Lets you be the star of TikTok for a day. If you have worked with YouTube advertising, it may remind you a bit of the Masthead ad format, and just like it, it is the most expensive type of ad that TikTok offers.

This ad will appear instantly on the full screen of the mobile as soon as the app is opened. And it can be a static image or a video.

HASHTAG CHALLENGE: Within the available advertising formats, this type of ad will allow you to improve interaction with your brand and increase engagement.

BRANDED LENSES: These are filters very similar to those that appear in Instagram stories in which you can add modifications or elements to your image thanks to augmented reality tools. This way the brand would gain recognition the more users use the lenses.

Source: Marketinghouse web portal

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