The Pepsi and Burger King brands decided to join forces to generate a successful campaign against their main competitors Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, the campaign is called #Refuseniks, and is based primarily on welcoming people who were not accepted in the casting of competing brands for being too “common” as explained by one of the participants of the campaign video.

Brands seek to promote the authenticity of each and every one of the people who consume both hamburgers and soft drinks, for this they use the phrase “Why choose a brand that would not choose you?”, thus implying that brands select their consumers, which by the way, is very frowned upon.

In the video made by Pepsi and Burger King, people tell their experience in the audition for Coca-Cola and McDonald’s commercials, where they were assured to have done an excellent job but never got an answer or a call, they assure that they were asked to fake huge smiles and place their arms in a strange way just so that the product would have the leading role; so it can be concluded that the naturalness and spontaneity of people was not enough.

On the other hand, the insight that the #Rechazados campaign has is so great that it managed to captivate millions of people, because it perfectly reflects the simplicity with which we all drink and eat any product, it shows how food should be truly enjoyed leaving aside any kind of stereotype, they make it clear that what they see as a brand are people, not customers.

Below is the video of the campaign made in Argentina, where the brands that are considered the “second best” make it very clear who has the power in the wonderful world of advertising.

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