The commercial was made by Leo Burnett Chicago for Always, a brand of Procter & Gamble (P&G), which has been exemplary and very successful, so much so that it won at Cannes Lions and took home the 2015 Emmy Award as the best commercial of the year.

The main objective of this campaign is to promote the strength and power of women in any kind of situation, raising awareness among the population about the erroneous value given to the phrase “Like a girl”, and what it seeks is to stop seeing this expression as an insult, since it assaults all little girls who in their innocence are being judged.

The commercial shows how the meaning of “Like a girl” is seen as an aggression to the feminine gender, because when saying this simple phrase everyone acts in a ridiculous and not very eloquent way with the actions they are asked to do, but everything changes when they tell the little girls to do things like girls, and they show that not being girls means that they do everything wrong or are clumsy; instead they show that they can do any activity and stand out.

The most touching moment in the commercial is when after seeing several mediocre depictions of what it is like to do something as a girl, a little girl is asked what running like a girl means to her, to which she firmly responds that it means “running as fast as you can.” This demonstrates the importance of redefining the concept of doing things “like a girl” in a positive way.

Below we present the touching commercial; it is important to highlight that the expression “like a girl” is synonymous with doing things with desire, strength and power, it is time to leave aside the bad connotation that this phrase has and follow the example provided by this spectacular campaign.

Video >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH-9nWaqpws

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