Keeping social networks active and eye-catching is not what really guarantees success, it’s more about the strategy behind it, and today, we have some interesting tricks that will surely be of interest to you.

The daily management of your social networks will surely be much more successful if you learn a little trick or two to keep them on everyone’s lips, positively speaking, of course.

This time we will start talking about Facebook. If you are interested in successfully managing your Fan Page, these tips are for you:

  • First of all, you must make sure to verify your Fan Page, you don’t need to be a big company to do it, and if you do it, you will give your brand much more authenticity, security and credibility.
  • Segment your posts by language. This will prevent you from publishing a post with the same text in different languages, be sure to do it before publishing or programming!
  • In your cover it is preferable to publish a video presenting the service you are offering, it is the most attractive way to reach consumers!
  • Don’t make the mistake of deleting a negative comment, if you wish you can respond politely and constructively. You can also hide it and the follower and his friends will still be able to see it, but do not hesitate to answer it, ALWAYS.
  • Create the famous calls to action. Fb offers different options such as send private messages, call, registration or contact, choose the one that best suits your brand or business!

Now we will move on to talk about Twitter, these are the tips we have!

  • Make sure you add the url of your website in the BIO of your profile. This way you get a quality link that will help you improve your SEO.
  • Properly analyze the interaction you get through Twitter Analytics. A very good help that will clarify what content is the most convenient for you to publish.
  • Don’t be afraid to use animated gifs, it has been proven that they attract the attention of users!

The third social network we will talk about is Linkeding, one of the most forgotten but really necessary.

  • Customize the URL of your personal profile. It is something very simple but many users do not take it into account.
  • Multimedia content is essential. Add it both to your excerpt and to your different posts.
  • Make sure you share your own content, from the place where you work or from third parties, this is how you generate visibility among your contacts.

Instagram is nowadays one of the most preferred social networks by many, and we also have some tricks for it!

  • It is important to schedule your posts with the help of tools such as Hootsuite, Metricool or Latergram.
  • Encourage interaction on this network with a Giveaway, contests and sweepstakes.
  • Dare to use all the functionalities that Ig stories have, this is how you generate successful engagement.
  • It is important to automate the responses to direct messages. Access settings, company and quick responses to achieve this.

Finally, we have the best tricks to improve your visibility on Google my Business:

  • Get your customers to give positive reviews organically.
  • Always, but always, answer every single review, and remember, if they are negative, that’s when you have to respond the most.
  • Make sure to keep all the info that appears in your profile updated.
  • Incorporate 100% attractive images of your facilities or your products, this point is fundamental!

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