One of the most important objectives of any digital strategy is the potential reach that our promotional actions can achieve. Conquering the largest number of people is a priority, and it is here, at this point, where digital influencers are so important.

First of all, it should be noted that the term Influencer refers to the person who has a certain type of credibility on a specific topic and also has a significant number of followers in their social networks, as their content is able to influence the purchasing or consumption habits of millions of users, a fundamental aspect to take into account.

This term is clearly not new, but its massive use in digital issues is relatively recent. Since today, these profiles are becoming increasingly important in the online business world.

On the other hand, an influencer must be able to generate visibility and interaction with each of its contents in relation to its number of followers.

Already having an idea and knowing how important an influencer can be, can you imagine having one or several influencers to boost your brand? An influencer as a marketing tool offers incredible advantages:

  1. It has a high percentage of reach: We repeat, generally those dedicated to this profession create content on major social networks and have a large number of followers, which is why any promotion or comment that comes from them generates an impact and visibility for brands. It is important to keep in mind that the influencer must have followers that are within your target audience, so the results are much more successful.
  2. Influencers transmit trust to their audience: A point in favor that should be taken into account. “So, if you had to choose between a product that is advertised on TV and a product that a friend, family member or influencer in your life recommends, considering that both products have the same price and the same function: which of the two would you choose?” You would most likely choose the second option! You should take advantage of their good impression and trustworthiness; both aspects are fundamental for a marketing strategy, as it is as if the recommendation of your brand were made by a relative or someone closer to you.
  3. They offer an excellent image to your brand: Surprisingly, influencers have an unimaginable media power, so their opinion on any topic can cause a significant impact on the networks either positively or negatively. “On occasions, the repercussion has been such that the topic in question has become a Trending Topic on Twitter, having spread in such an exponential manner.”

Having an influencer as a digital marketing tool allows you to generate a better impression on the general public, which translates into people having much more confidence in your brand.

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