Digital marketing has been successfully evolving and has become the best ally for brands, companies and all types of businesses, we all agree on that! But how much do you know about its automation?

We will start by quoting Vilma Núñez, who states that marketing automation is based on “the act of planning and configuring in advance all the steps involved in the process of converting a potential customer (lead) into a customer”.

For its part, marketing automation starts from the moment we attract traffic until we generate the expected conversions with the new leads we obtain through the Internet or other channels and media.

Fortunately for all of us, marketing automation saves us a lot of time and we can also perform a much more personalized marketing, that is, much more effective. Among its advantages we can also find that it increases online sales as well as the number of new leads. It allows us to segment our database to have a broad knowledge about the audience and we can unify commercial and digital efforts on the same platform, this in addition to generating cost savings in the process of recruitment and sales.

Now, to carry out a correct marketing automation in our businesses we need:

  1. Attract new potential customers with exclusive offers and content of high value and interest on their part.
  2. Funnels: These are the steps that each customer must take to generate the conversion we need.
  3. Tags: Necessary to activate actions and segment the database.
  4. Triggers: These are the automation elements, for example, email openings, clicks on scopes, forms, web pages visited, social network status and others.
  5. It is essential to have a landing page optimized for conversions in order to get more leads and generate more sales.
  6. Marketing automation tools.

For this last point, we recommend using the following tools:

  • WordPress is ideal for attracting traffic organically, of course, always managing a good content strategy.
  • Facebook Ads to capture qualified leads.
  • InfusionSoft or Active Campaign to have CRM and automation in a single tool.
  • Plus This or Leads Bridge to create personalized audiences on Facebook and Facebook and automate other processes as a result of the actions of our customers with the emails we send. This tool is basic because with it we have a machine that does remarketing automatically based on the actions of our leads through email campaigns.
  • InfusionSoft: With this tool you will have marketing automation to create funnels, CRM to manage leads and customers, Email Marketing to send newsletters. It is an online sales platform to have leads, CRM and sales all in one!
  • Active Campaign: It has CRM, Email Marketing and automation for funnels, ideal for those who are just starting to dive into the world of marketing automation!
  • Hubspot: One of the first and most robust automation platforms.

Research and learn more about these tools that will surely become your best allies and take your business on the road to success, always hand in hand with digital marketing!

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