Creating a whole shopping experience is the plus you need to build customer loyalty and increase your revenue, do you want to know how to do it? Take a look at the tips we have for you in today’s article.

To begin with, it is worth noting that to encourage purchases and ensure that a customer returns to visit your business, it is essential to create “happy or positive moments”, i.e. to offer customers a different experience every time they go to make a purchase.

First of all you must keep in mind that “it is necessary to offer added value, because the customer is more demanding and competition is increasing” assures marketing professor Teresa Serra, who also adds that “it is essential to understand whether the consumer comes to a store already informed through different channels, such as the website and social networks, or comes to the store to get an explanation about an item or brand with the aim of buying it later online”.

Now, regardless of the sector or the type of product to be sold, it is relevant to know that to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the products purchased it is necessary to have certain strategies in the short, medium and long term that are able to provide the best experiences, to achieve this, there are certain aspects that yes or yes you must take into account:

  1. Location: This is one of the most important factors to take into account when opening a physical store, as this determines the traffic of customers that your business needs to attract.
  2. Take into account the consumer: to understand their needs well, you must know how to listen to them, put yourself in their shoes and understand what they demand and in what way; you must know that customers are your family, and you must serve them as such, nothing like a good experience starts with good service!
  3. Loyalty: It is essential to have details with buyers, remember that a good experience is built from small moments that will remain stored in the customer’s mind, these details do not have to be expensive, just be original and really mark the consumer’s experience.
  4. The 4 R’s: That’s right, we are referring to relevance, relationship, reward and effort reduction, for their part, customers must feel a fundamental element and know that their opinion counts, that’s how loyalty is achieved!
  5. Multichannel: Social networks and websites not only help to attract more customers, but also to reach them in a much more effective way.

Of course, to sell your products it is essential to have all the advice and help possible to make your business prosper as much as you expect, in your store or place of sale be sure to maintain specific product points, qualify and position them at strategic points, a tip, it is essential to place the products at eye level of customers within the windows, so they will not go unnoticed!

Make sure you also pay attention to the decoration of the place, because its appearance reflects the personality of your business, and that’s it, count on Phoenix as your best ally! With our help, your business idea will surely succeed!

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