In this world of art, design, color and creativity you can’t miss your advertising book that, of course, has these qualities! Today, we have a few tips that will surely help you succeed in the working world, because remember that the portfolio is your cover letter, so yes or yes, it has to stand out!

It is clear to us that showing your talent and skills in a portfolio is not an easy task, so we want to help you with a small guide based on organization and creativity.

The first thing to keep in mind is originality, take a risk! And break the boredom by demonstrating your creative and innovative capacity, remember that when creating your portfolio you have to shape yourself in a creative concept and know how to sell yourself.

Next, take a look at the important tips we have for you:

  • Choose a good name that attracts attention, you can take advantage to create your own personal brand and enhance it for the future, be original and avoid clichés.
  • Make sure you create your own corporate visual image, having a personal design line is essential to express your personality and way of working in the portfolio, count with the help of a logo and be faithful to it, play with colors and typographies but never lose the essence.
  • The most important thing is to sell yourself, choose the best pieces you have and expose them in an authentic way, do not saturate the book with too much information, for that you must choose not only the pieces you like the most but also the ones that sell better to others.
  • A multifaceted portfolio sells much more, take a risk and present pieces of all styles and covering all possible fields, you must show that you are able to do everything and that you always look good, do not miss the opportunity to waste your talent!
  • An important tip is to tell a little story with each piece you are going to show, you can put a step by step or make a small description with an anecdote that has happened with that piece, so you make your portfolio much more friendly with the reader!
  • It is essential to have a digital portfolio, because you must go hand in hand with technology to surprise more and more in the advertising industry, know the trends, research and test your creative limits and make sure you do it right.

Having these small and substantial recommendations we hope your portfolio will knock it out of the ballpark, it sure will!

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